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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Missing Victory Log

Today, I managed to find my missing Victory Log. It forms an important part of my Personal Development Plan.

If you want to start keeping one, you should record everything that puts you one up as Stephen Potter would have said.

Examples of things you should record are :

Learning :

Tests, quizzes, class averages, awards, scholarships, IQ test scores (These improve with practice), Mind Maps, diplomas etc.

The Opposite Sex :

Was flirted with, phone call, etc.,

Sports :

Rugby Trys, hits, takedowns, baskets, goals, etc.

Work :

Promotions, sales, raises, savings etc.

Do these for all areas of your life -

Personal, Social, Physical development, Work, Emotional IQ, Mental development Spiritual practices and disciplines observed.

Do it and refer back daily to these victories - they will help keep you strong in your darkest hours.

Don't think that it is not important It is everything, everything.

I have never kept one of these before but I started this one in August of last year.
You can go back as far as you like - your 100 yd swimming cert is perfect.

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