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Friday, February 27, 2009

John Scottus School

The School that I believe is the Best School in Dublin is the John Scottus School. I am sending my son there and so far the results have been terriffic ! I am hoping to start a fundraiser for them in the next few weeks. Check out their website at

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Old Friends On Linked In

Linked In is a Business and Social Networking Site. I have posted my profile there and welcome all links to it. Recently I got an email from an old friend I had lost contact with when he moved to England about 30 Years ago. His name is Edward Moss and we were in college together.

This is a brilliant Service. If you are trying to track down your old friends join as many of these sites as you can - That's my advice for today !!!

The link I have given is for the chance to buy Eddie's book.

He is also involved with community radio and here's the link to his radio station :

Eddies own web page is here :

Life too hectic

Apologies to all my readers as I have been away from my blog since before Christmas. Christmas went well but it is a dim memory now ! Been working hard and doing a lot of networking. I bought a new car as the old one died on me.

Silat Training

I have been training diligently in Silat and am signing up tonight for the next Inner Work seminar.
I am hoping to grade this term in the Crane Mannerism.


I am trying to establish a fund raising project for a number of charities so please contact me if you know the fundraisers in any charity, hospital or school.

D.Mulvey Opticians

We are now rolling out our house call service to all who request it.