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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not So Green After All

There are a number of intiatives undertaken by the various Green Parties in Europe that do not do what they say on the tin. Two examples that come to mind are the low energy bulbs that the greens are trying to impose on us as replacements for your standard Thomas Edison light bulb that we all know and love and the wonderful chip oil that they are trying to foist on us as a replacement for petrol and diesel.

In the case of the light bulbs, the latest research shows that they emit very high levels of UV in the band that causes wrinkling of skin, damage to the cornea and lens and carcinomas - Hmm, lets save a few kWH but never mind the cancer victims !

In the case of the biofuel, this also produces carcinogenic fumes. What price a green agenda ?

The trouble with these eco hooligans is that they jump on to bandwagons that are ill conceived, badly planned, not scientifically validated an poorly executed.

Let us drive these enviro-vandals from parliaments everywhere !

I am looking for further information on the sheer wonkeyness of green policies - if anyone knows of instances like the above, I'd love to hear about them !!!

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